Floating Shelves Finished!

Whew! It’s one of those projects that we expected to take a day or two that ended up taking about three weeks. We learned a lot along the way as well (ahem, mistakes were made).

You see the floating shelves all over the internet, in home make-overs and Pinterest, but how do you do them? We looked all over Amazon for the hanging materials, but they couldn’t be found, so we ended up buying pre-made floating shelf kits from Home Depot and then tossing the actual shelves. While it would have made life a lot easier to simply use the whole kit, I am not a fan of particle board. I wanted a rustic wood look.

This meant figuring out the size of the metal rod inserts and drilling holes large enough and straight enough in to the side of the wood planks. We had a few challenges with a hole coming out of the side of one of the planks, and drill bits long enough for the rods to sit flush ( the drill bits became lodged in the wood a few times). One of the rods became stuck in the wood, so we had to toss that, and one ended up puncturing the wall when it went up ( the hubby doesn’t know his own strength!). There may have been some wall patching and paining in the process… not to mention frigid temperatures that made us take a hiatus from working in the garage.

Several trips to Home Depot later, we have we have overcome multiple trials and tribulations. That being said, every diy we do, we learn a little more. And I am quite happy with the outcome!

Not decided on what will go on the shelves

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