Momma’s Scarf

I finished my third scarf. My mom had requested one to match her hat, which is a light tan color so I ended finding a yarn that matched ( I hope) but was much finer than I had used before. In the beginning I struggled with several different types of needles and casting on with the fine yarn. I’m not sure whether it was late at night and I was tired, or whether I just wasn’t getting it, but I cast on and recast on like 10 times!

In the end I got in to a rhythm and managed to get the scarf going, but it was a definite challenge. The knitting was much finer and tighter than I’ve worked before, so it was a good learning experience.

I also tried a different technique for joining skeins and I think it was less noticeable and will be a much better way going forward. Hopefully Mom approves!

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