Firewood Without the Fire Pit

Over the weekend the hubby and I got out the saw and we cut up some fallen tree limbs to burn. We were so excited to use the wood ( and dry out the furniture), that we ended up breaking the chiminea (ceramic fire pit)! As we started to move the fire pit, it just slipped out of our hands and kind of crumpled. We later realized that the ceramic had absorbed so much moisture from the snow and ice and made it more fragile.

It was sad to toss the fragments in to the trash, but in the end, we bought a new fire pit that we might enjoy even more! Our ceramic chiminea was wonderful for two people as it had an open top and belly on one side, but would not be good for guests. Our new fire pit is open and good for a small group of people, and even comes with a grill rack that can go on top for cooking. We’re excited to use it!!

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