Weather Update

For those of you living in Texas, I don’t have to tell you how it’s going!

Although at first it just seemed like there would be heavy precipitation and cold temperatures it has become much worse than that.

Frozen trees are cracking under the weight of their frozen limbs, splitting in half and falling down. Luckily the worst I have seen in my neighborhood is a broken fence. I don’t doubt some people have had it much worse.

Millions of people have had “ rolling blackouts,” although I put quotations because some people including friends have been without power since Sunday. The electric grid can’t handle the weather and started turning the power off so it wouldn’t overload, and then they have struggled to turn it back on again! You can find many articles about the lack of preparations and federal oversight that has plagued Electric Reliability Council of Texas ( ERCOT). Here is one article:

Schools have been canceled for three or four days, which, as you can imagine, excites the kids but perhaps not the parents who are at home with them, haha. On the other hand, I have seen a lot of joy on kids faces who have had not one, but two opportunities to sled this year!

While I in no way wish to minimize the cold and suffering of those without heat and power, I can say that it has been beautiful. The hubby and I went for a walk on Monday, where the streets have basically been empty. We didn’t stray far from the house ( tromping through the snow is hard work). We made snow angels and let the cat outside for a few minutes to explore. We thought he would set one paw in the snow and be done, but no, he went for it!

Please enjoy the pictures. Stay safe and warm everyone!

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