Valentine’s Day 2021

Thanks Polar Vortex! The hubby had planned a surprise activity during the day and we had made reservations for our favorite local restaurant ( outside of course). It would have been the second time we went out to eat in close to a year!

To say I was bummed was an understatement. I’m still salty that our wedding got canceled( we still got married, but with a Justice of the Peace). Can’t a girl get some romance in her life?

In the end, we had a very nice day and it was a wonderful Valentine’s Day. We exchanged gifts and relaxed all morning and then we spent the afternoon making fresh ravioli ( we followed the recipe from our cooking class) and having a glass of white wine. In fact, our ravioli came out even better than the first time! Must have been the wine 😉.

Once dinner was made, we enjoyed our fresh pasta and watched one of my favorite movies, Chocolat, while eating my Valentine’s chocolate. Our plans changed but it was wonderful all the same ❤️.

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