A Winter Wonderland??

The Austin area is set to hit a low of 24 degrees. A low it hasn’t seen in over 30 years. Worse yet, meteorologists are predicting it to get down to 11 degrees, which could be tied for the sixth coldest temperature on record.

Now to be fair, 24 or 11 degrees is nothing to some people who live in cold areas. I myself come from New York where I have lived through those temperatures plenty of times ( not happily though!). The problem is that there is no infrastructure for cold around here. Currently trees heavy with ice are cracking and falling over. There have been reports all over Texas of car pileups of 100-150! It’s because people don’t know how to drive on icy roads and there are no salt trucks to be found. I’m sure soon there will be water pipes that burst.

Schools are closed and our outdoor plants have surely died. It’s basically Armageddon around here! So much for everyone’s Valentine’s Day plans as well ( first I can’t have my wedding because of COVID, and now I can’t have Valentine’s because of the weather??). I’ve got to say, two “ Once-in-a-lifetime” events in less than two years is far too much for me!

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