The Big Game

The big game was yesterday. Were you watching? It’s a big hit. Very popular. it has been going on for 17 years now.

I’m talking about the Puppy Bowl!! Who doesn’t like watching adorable little puppers running around and playing?! I have to admit, it is my favorite part of Super Bowl day ( I’m looking at you, Chunky Monkey).

Do I watch the Super Bowl? Sure, but I’m only in it for the snacks and commercials 😂. My scale doesn’t thank me for it the next day, but I made sure to throw away any high calorie foods left over. It’s a little bit wasteful I will admit, but to be honest, it’s junk food, so it’s not like there is anything nutritious about it . I had my fun, and now it’s back to watching what I eat. Some of the joy of eating healthy, is that when you occasionally eat something “bad”, you really enjoy it because it is a rare treat.

What is your favorite part of Super Bowl day?

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