A ( Healthier) Pizza

Sometimes we all just crave something comforting and delicious. Maybe you eat it once a week or on special occasions. Maybe it’s your comfort food after a stressful day. Maybe you eat it whenever the craving strikes.

Pizza. It’s delicious and gooey and warm but soooo not good for you. As someone who is trying to focus on my health and trying to lose weight, pizza might be on my mind, but not often in my ( hopefully shrinking) belly. I don’t believe in completely giving up things I love, because it will only make me want it more. But if I can find a healthier alternative I will try to go with that at least for normal occasions.

The entire cauliflower pizza crust is only slightly more points (WW) than a single slice of regular pizza. I added some tomato sauce, non- fat shredded cheese, mushrooms and two sunny side up eggs. It was a delicious, healthy and filling meal. That being said, it came out to a total of 23 points, which is my entire points for the day. Doable if I eat only zero point foods the entire day leading up to it, but I still might look for a lighter alternative.

Don’t understand points? It’s a calculation system that WW ( formerly weight watchers) uses that takes in to consideration things like fat, calories, protein, fiber, carbohydrates and more. Each person gets a certain amount of points per day based on things like age, height, weight, etc. and each food is assigned points. Things like fruit and vegetables have zero points ( because they want to encourage healthy eating, and who gets fat on veggies?) and foods that are less filling and higher in fat and calories are higher in points.

So here’s to cauliflower pizza! A healthier alternative that brings the yummy without the tummy!

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