I’ve discovered that painting furniture isn’t quite as easy as it looks. The DIY websites often make it look easy and things come out looking awesome. It always inspires me to want to do a diy project myself.

About a year ago the hubby and I painted over our black nightstands because they were too dark for the bedroom ( in my opinion, not his). We tried to choose something lighter and maybe a little funky. We went with a maroon color that we thought was fun. Well, funny enough, we didn’t push the boundaries enough, because our nightstands just look like a dark red wood. It was a huuuuge process to paint them as well.

Then I started reading a lot about chalkboard paint. It’s easy to use, you don’t need primer, it’s shabby chic. I had been staring at my bright turquoise console in my all neutrals colored living room for months, and thought, why not? To be fair, it was a piece my husband made and I had painted, so it wasn’t expensive.

So we took it out to the garage and I’ve been painting it. We wanted a neutral but warm color that would fit in with everything else so we went with BEHR chalk decorative paint in Farmhouse White.

Well since the chalk paint wasn’t supposed to need primer I painted it. And painted it. And painted it. I would say it took at least 6 layers to cover the turquoise that kept showing through. It still does a little I think, but probably not noticeable to other people. Then we decided to go with the BEHR Dark Antique Wax. Ugh! Maybe I put too much on, maybe I did it wrong, but all I know is that it just made the console look dirty!

I ended up painting over the wax and we bought the BEHR White Wax instead. I figured maybe it would give it a nice whitewashed look over the warm white and blend the turquoise undertones. If it did, I didn’t notice 🤷‍♀️. It might as well have been the clear wax.

In the end I like the way the console looks, but I wouldn’t do a close inspection. So lessons learned. If I choose to use the chalk paint again, I would probably sand and prime the furniture first. Oh well!

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