A Happy Walk

For a while, the hubby and I had been exploring new trails around the area every weekend, but over time we got a little lazy and just went back to our closest park ( which is super lovely). This past weekend we decided to try someplace new again. And we were rewarded!

It was an all paved path so you could walk or bike on the trail easily. It was also beautiful, as part of it was in a wooded section with a creek running through it. I’m always a sucker for places by the water, that makes me happy. But something excited me even more on our walk.

Goats!! As we reached a bend in the trail, there was a small farm on the corner and out front were a bunch of adorable goats!! We were so excited, we ran back to the car to get our phones to take pictures of them. There were a few big guys with horns , a bunch of medium sized ones, and two very small baby goats ( kids). One was black and one was white. They were so cute I just wanted to stick them in my pocket!

Clearly the owners of the farm knew they had a popular view along the trail. They had set up snack machines for the goats. If you paid a quarter ( sadly we did not have) you could feed the goats, who all came running when they knew food was involved.

It was a happy surprise and we will definitely be going back to that trail soon!

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