International Grocery stores

While running some errands my husband and I decided to make a stop at an Indian grocery store we passed along the way. I always get excited to explore international grocery stores. It feels a little like traveling to a different country for a short period of time.

Most of the time the stores are smaller, so I imagine that most people don’t do a full shopping there, just pick up things that they can’t find in the large “American ” supermarkets. This is why I like them, you get to see items you might not see at other stores, or you might see more variety of particular items. This allows you insight in to what a culture prioritizes or misses from home.

In the Indian market I saw large sacks of rice which doesn’t surprise me, but there were also large bags of different dried spices in their original form. It made me think of all of the wonderful homemade spices that are being ground in a mortal and pestle ( or blender). I also love looking at the snacks sections. What treats are popular? Are they spicey? Sweet? Savory? What fruit and vegetables are showcased on their shelves? Sometimes packaging features cartoons or famous people that might be popular from tv shows or public campaigns.

I miss travel, as I’m sure a lot of people do. Wandering the aisles of an International market allows you to explore new foods and products you might not find elsewhere and learn a little more about a different culture. It also allows you the opportunity to support small businesses in struggling economic times.

If you have the time, take a trip ( to a different market)!

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