My First Scarf

I am Soo thrilled to show off my very first scarf! I recently took up knitting again after several unsuccessful attempts over the years.

It’s a big ol’ heavy and thick scarf that is totally unnecessary for Texas 😂 but I love it all the same and will try to find some uses for it. The cat seems to think it’s a comfortable blanket, so there’s that. My husband has requested one as has my mom, so I will get a little more practice in making scarves before moving on to more complicated items. I like the feeling that I can create something that is useful to me and others. The idea of making something out of nothing.

4 thoughts on “My First Scarf

  1. That is beautiful. Knitting is one of those processes that seem to be dying out. My Mom tried to show me a few times, but, I was not as into it then, as I wish I was now. Good luck with all your knitting!!

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  2. Thank you! I actually was taught by both my grandmothers but one taught me knitting and the other purling so I got confused, haha. This is the third or fourth time, so don’t be afraid to try again!

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