Plants planted!

I am excited to share with you that our little seedlings have left the nest!

Sam ( my husband) built an absolutely humongous wooden planter box. It has been glued, nailed, drilled, lined and stapled. There was some hard work that went in to it but it looks pretty awesome! We carried it out of the garage in to the backyard yesterday and filled it with 4 large bags of dirt. While trying to space things out we realized we would also need the planters Sam made last year as well. So we now have a bonafide planter garden!

Our gardening skills leave something to be desired and I think we may have planted some veggies too close together, but we had fun and look forward to the results. We’re still trying to figure things out, like how to help tall plants with lattice, etc., but we have learned a lot from last year so our slightly brown thumbs are turning a little more green. Wish us luck, and gardening tips are welcome!

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