Rainey Day

I’m a sunny day kinda girl. I like to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, but occasionally I find rainy days to be a joy.

It’s a great excuse to watch a movie, take a nap, or do some crafts. It is also a relief for those of us who suffer from allergies.

One of the great things about living in Texas is that it is warm most of the year, which I’m sure you notice from my posts. What you don’t notice is the constant sneezing and itchy eyes that started about a month ago. They call it “Cedar Fever,” and man, it’s rough! Once you move to Austin, it catches up to you in about 7 years I’ve been told. Well, it’s been 6 years since I moved down here, so I guess I’m a head of schedule!

So today, I rejoice in the rainy day to blow away the pollen, and look forward to more sunny days in my future.

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