Water Water Everywhere

And not a drop to spare. That’s how the old saying goes, but in my case only the first part applies.

As part of my health journey, I’ve been trying to drink more water. I think most people can agree that they probably do not imbibe the recommended amount. Although I love water and do not struggle to drink it, I still feel I don’t drink as much as I should.

Water is so important for body function, clear skin and a clear mind. It also helps with the feeling of fullness. Often when we think we are hungry, it is actually dehydration that we are feeling.

For all those reasons, I made it a goal to drink lots of water. I found a very cool app called Drink Water Aquarium that reminds you to drink your water every so often and even bases the amount of water to drink on your weight.

Every day you start with an empty tank, and as you drink water, the tank gets filled up and you win more fish to swim in the tank. It’s a fun visual to remind you to get that H2O in.

I highly recommend it! Do you have a water app that you like or a health app that is super healthful?

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