Calls, Calls, Calls

Just an adorable couple holding hands. Not my parents.

The last few days have been hectic. I’ve been on the phone either with my parents or with

Since the announcement of states opening up the COVID vaccine to people 65 and up ( along with others ), my parents and I had been calling and filling out every application under the sun to try to get them an appointment. It’s been super stressful and super frustrating. The minute an opening appears, it gets filled immediately! I was on the phone with an operator at for over an hour. In that time, only three openings appeared, and were filled by the time she entered my parents information. She was extremely nice and patient, explaining that it is first come, first serve for the over 500 operators on the website. While my parents didn’t end up getting an appointment because of her, I am extremely grateful for her kindness. She understood how important it was to get one’s parents the vaccine.

I spent hours on the phone with my parents taking them through the online forms and making suggestions of places to try. We were all trying every minute of the day to get them an appointment.

After two and a half days of trying and re-trying non-stop, my parents got lucky and found a last minute opening for them both at a hospital. It was nerve-wracking as they only had just enough time to make it from one side of the city to the other and of course they hit traffic! But they made it! They said everyone working there couldn’t have been nicer.

My parents called me when they got home. Far from aching or feeling horrible, they were ecstatic! It was like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders. They were so excited that they could see the light at the end of the tunnel. They understand that they will still need to be careful and take precautions, but they also know they are the lucky ones.

I still have friends who are working night and day to get their parents appointments and I wish I could do more to help them! My best advice, is to try any and all places and then try them all again. Over and over. It’s repetitive, exhausting and frustrating but last minute cancellations and new sites open up everyday. You will get in, and it will all be worth it.

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