The pandemic has been going on for what, almost 11 months now? In the beginning, we did lots of fun activities and made sure to keep ourselves busy, but as time has gone on, the fun of staying home has worn off and we’ve fallen in to a routine. Eat dinner on the couch and watch Netflix the rest of the night.

Our haul

Last week my husband and I casually discussed that we became that old boring couple as soon as we got married but then had to remind ourselves it wasn’t our fault. We rushed to get married when the pandemic began! So we decided to strap on our masks and go to the store.

We made it home with a haul that consisted of a puzzle, Yahtzee, Jenga, and Risk. Back to some good old fashioned fun with game nights!

Max decided to play

My husband was very adamant we start by playing Yahtzee. I’ve never played before, so there was some explanation about the rules and my realization that the entire game consisted of dice 😂. Although it took a game to figure it out, it ended up being fun. Its’s a game of strategy and chance. I would certainly play it again.

Max would play again too

Have you fallen in to a similar habit? Have you broken up the monotony? What have you done?

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