Time of the Year for Seedlings 🌱

Last year my husband and I first tried our hand at growing plants. We started our seedlings in March, which if you live in Texas, is way too late.

At the advice of my in-laws, we decided to start our seedlings now, while it is still cold out so they will be ready for planting in February or March.

I’m looking forward to this year’s plantings, we learned a lot last year and I’m hoping we will have a lot of successful plants!

We started seedlings and are hoping to grow: spinach, arugula, beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, sweet peppers, and jalapeños. Now you might think, wow, you must have a big garden! Hah! My husband is building wooden planter boxes that will live on our tiny patio. We are just growing a few of each and will see how it goes. In addition, we also bought a butterfly flower mixture, which we are hoping will bring in the butterflies and the bees!

We start with Jiffy Greenhouse kits. We are using the 36 count kit for the veggies, and the 12 count for the butterfly flowers. It’s always exciting to watch the buds first pop up! I’ll keep you updated as they start to grow!

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