Learning to knit

My leftover knitting from the last time I attempted to learn

I’ve learned to knit a few times in my life. The first time when I was young and I wanted to do what my grandmothers were doing. However I got very confused. Apparently one was teaching me to knit and the other to purl 😂.

The next time I tried to learn was over a break in college. I was home for a while ( I can’t remember if it was winter or summer) and I found a beautiful yarn store that offered knitting classes. Turns out it was more of a knitting group than a class because most of the people there already knew how ( it was very pleasant though, lots of women of all ages sitting around chatting and knitting together).

What I worked on since picking it back up. I joined yarn and binded off, I’m so fancy!

The last time I tried to pick it up was maybe a year ago. All these times I’d relearn how to knit, but never end up finishing anything. So when I decided to go to Michael’s and there was a sale on yarn, I bought a bunch and promised myself I would pick it back up again.

I got home and searched the house for my needles. Found them with the knitting and yarn still attached! I tried to pick up where I left off but something seemed…funky. My husband confirmed it as well, haha.

The finished “ product”

So I ended finding this website: https://crafts.tutsplus.com/series/how-to-knit-step-by-step-tutorials-for-beginners–cms-585

It’s been very useful! I undid my funky knitting, watched the knitting video a few times and perfecto! I was able to knit correctly again. In fact I ran out of yarn. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I found a video on the site how to join new yarn. I did it! It felt like an accomplishment. I finished that yarn too. I watched a video on how to bind it off, and voila! I had a um…. rectangle of knitting. Ok it wasn’t beautiful but I stopped where I did because I decided I would use it as my practice piece and actually start on a new piece.

I’m now currently making myself a scarf with the yarn I bought at Michael’s and my husband has requested a red scarf as well. I only know how to make scarves right now, so that’s what I’m making! I’ll gain some practice on these scarves and then hopefully challenge myself to try something else. Wish me luck!

Knitting a scarf

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