A Texas Winter Wonderful

It’s snowing! In Texas! Since I moved to Texas six years ago, it has only snowed one or two other times.

The first time it snowed here, I thought, huh, interesting. But as I drove, I saw people pulling over in their cars and staring at the sky incredulously. I came in to school the next day and my students told me about making snowmen and angels. I was thinking, how in the world did they do that? There was about an inch of snow on the ground and it hadn’t even stuck to the roads. These kids were soooo excited. I was very blasé about it, having moved here from New York. In fact, we get tired of it in NY. The icy windshields you need to scrape, the endless shoveling, and the leftover slush that soaks your shoes and pant legs.

Now that it’s been six years since I moved here, I’m actually excited again to see snow! It’s so rare and lasts only a day, so it’s actually very fun. We counted at least 12 snowmen on our drive to the grocery store and watched as delighted children had the opportunity to go sledding for the first time! I personally love snuggling under a blanket and watching the snow come down. The only thing I was missing was a fireplace.

Enjoy your beautiful snowfalls my friends!

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