Instant Pot Adventure

I have a confession to make. Until yesterday, my Instant Pot went where kitchen electronics go to die. It was sitting on top of the kitchen cabinets where it couldn’t be reached without a ladder.

But Instant Pots are amazing, you say! Well, I bought one about 3 years ago and I think I tried it once? I’m not sure why I didn’t get in to using it, maybe because I was lazy and just zapped stuff in the microwave? I’m not sure, but all I read about these days are Instant Pots. “Instant Pot Recipes!” “How to make healthy food in your Instant Pot!” “I only cook using my Instant Pot!”

Ok, ok, I thought. I’ll give it another try! Lo and behold, it was pretty good. I’m still figuring out it out though. I decided to make twice baked potatoes and there was a learning curve, haha.

I sort of followed directions of a recipe here: But I also tweaked it to give some more protein and make it vegetarian .

You start out by pouring water in to the bottom of the pot and then put a trivet down. A trivet?? Shoot! I searched high and low all over my house I had zero trivets. If the Instant Pot had come with one, I had lost it ages ago. I had to google replacements for trivets 😂. I ended up going with metal lids. I put two down and placed my pierced potatoes on top. I pressed pressure cook and worked on my other ingredients. Time goes by and it beeps at me. Wow, has it been 20 minutes already!? I release the pressure valve using a fork standing as far away as possible. I continue to do some stuff thinking I was letting the potatoes cool down, then I look at the machine and realize there is a timer on it set to 18 minutes. Wait…What? Oops! I quickly googled the owners manual only to realize the first beep is to let me know it had pressurized and I had let out all the steam while it was cooking. I quickly close the valve and add some time to the clock. 🤦‍♀️

Once it beeped several times ( after 20 minutes) I took out the potatoes, cut them open and took out the inside. I mashed and mixed the potato with shredded gruyere cheese, black beans, salt, pepper, and Cholula . I stuffed everything back in to the potatoes and placed them back in to the Instant Pot this time with no incidents.

I realize the black beans make this look less appealing…

It could have been worse and it was very quick so I think I will try more with the Instant Pot, but it is certain to be a learning curve! I’m still afraid to use some of the other features ( yogurt?) so check back to see how it goes!

I think it turned out ok. Maybe not the prettiest, but it tasted good.

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