You-Tube Workout

Since I canceled my gym membership I have been sort of a drift with no real guidance for my workouts. I’ve gone for walks quite a bit which is always nice, I enjoy the fresh air and sun, but I never quite work up a sweat.

This was a Real Start Plus video

With “Cedar Fever“ going strong here in Texas, I decided to try an online video. I’ve never real been a true believer in the past of home workouts because the temptation to change the channel and sit on the couch is real.

Since I am out of shape, I decided to do a search on YouTube of a beginner workout and I think I found a good one. Real Start Plus, The Body Project. Of course it’s an example video to try to convince you to join their membership, but I actually quite enjoyed it. It’s low impact, you never have to get on the floor, and there is a bar at the top that shows many seconds you have left of each exercise. Also, if you’re one of those people who hates only seeing models doing the workout videos, this has two real people doing the workout, both of whom have lost 60 lbs.

Not sure why they have mats, they don’t use them

For a beginner workout, it kind of hits the mark for me. It was still challenging but I never felt like I couldn’t do any of it. And I have that sense of accomplishment that comes with pushing myself that I don’t get from walking at a leisurely pace, haha!

The pink bar at the top is your countdown

Give it a shot and tell me what you think, or if there is a different YouTube video you enjoy, please share it!

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