Butternut Squash Soup

The ingredients

When I think of butternut squash soup I generally think of Thanksgiving. It’s something my mom had started making the past few years and it is delicious. On my own, butternut squash is generally not a go-to veggie. I tend to stick with the basics a lot: string beans, spinach, peas, and broccoli. Those are my general cooking vegetables that I like to throw in to meals, but I’ve been trying to explore new recipes and push myself to try new foods. I made a butternut squash soup from WW a few months ago and loved it. It was low in calories but filling and “husband approved.”

Chopped and ready to boil

I thought I found the same recipe again on WW ( weight watchers) , with one apple, one butternut squash and half an onion, cooked and blended. I used a frozen chopped butternut squash that I bought at the store, but it was 10 ounces and the recipe called for 12. Then it called for 4 cups of vegetable broth and I used almost the whole container but there was a little left so I poured the rest in. Needless to say, while it tasted good, it was a bit watery and thin. Oops! My husband thinks I never stick to a recipe and I guess this time I have to agree. I think I will be trying that one again hopefully soon. Stay tuned!

At least it looks nice, right?

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