A Healthy New Year

One of my resolutions was to start eating better. I had really gone off the wagon Big Time during the last six months. I was using the pandemic as an excuse to bake and eat whatever I wanted.

As you can imagine, this was not ideal! I pretended not to see the scale every time I walked in to the bathroom. The measuring cups were giving me side-eye in the drawer, and the food scale was crying below a pile of funnels and other cooking supplies. The hand weights sat dusty ( and salty) on the floor.

To be honest, before the pandemic my husband and I had been habitual gym-goers, waking at 5am to get our sweat on before work. I had lost about 30 pounds over a two year process following WW ( formerly Weight Watchers), but COVID hit, and we canceled the gym membership, canceled the healthy eating and I gained back all that weight and more.

There were a myriad of reasons that I packed on the pounds, COVID causing some of them (postponing my wedding, missing the holidays with family, not hanging out with friends, general anxiety), but not all.

But today ( actually New Year’s Day) I take a stand and take back back control of my health. I went back to my first WW meeting ( remotely) and I went food shopping, picking up only healthy food. I know it is progress, not perfection, but I look forward to feeling healthier again!

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