Happy New Year!

Did you have lots of fun? Did you stay up until midnight? Did you see friends? Did you make resolutions?

This year was so unlike any other, I think everyone was happy to say goodbye to 2020. This year has been a struggle for so many, whether it is loss of work, loss of family or friends, loss of things you took for granted, everyone’s world has been turned upside down.

Reflecting back on our year, we have been lucky in 2020 terms. First, my husband has always worked remotely, so that was pretty much unchanged, and second, we got married this year! We didn’t get to have our wedding and still are unsure about the future of it, but we were lucky enough to get married. So that’s a win in our book.

As for the future, well, who knows? Unfortunately the ending of the year didn’t magically make everything better immediately, but it has given us hope. Hope of wiping the slate clean, starting fresh.

For my resolution, I am doing away with my “ month of gluttony (which was more like 6 months),” and will be taking back some control in my life. No more all you can eat, baked goods. No more cheesy lasagna. It will feel good to eat healthfully and move more. There still might be cooking and baking, but it will be a healthier take on it.

And of course, there’s this blog, which I am thankful for. It helps to remind me to be grateful and reflect on all the wonderful things in my life.

What was a blessing in your life this past year? What resolutions have you made?

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