Gingerbread House Memories

It’s about time! I was so excited when I found a “Hanukkah House.” A gingerbread bread house kit that had decorations for Hanukkah. Yet, somehow it took me over a year and two Hanukkahs to pass before putting it together.

It actually took us two days to put it together as well, due to drying time. Was it worth it? Of course! Does it look like it took us 2 days? Well….I’ll let you decide. Not my best work, but it was still fun. Maybe if we had used the kit the year we had gotten it, the icing would have been smoother, but that’s ok. It’s the thought that counts.

I love gingerbread houses. My friends and I have had a tradition since college of getting together and building a gingerbread house. Of course it’s harder now that we live in different parts of the country, have spouses and kids, but when we can bond over the event, it is so much fun! It brings back so many memories of good times hanging out, with not a care in the world. I can still picture us all sitting in our campus apartment around the kitchen table. I think half of us were still in pjs at the time ( who gets dressed in college unless you go somewhere, and even then…). We would make jokes and argue about who had the better side. Ah, college was the best, and I miss my friends greatly!

A gingerbread house my friends and I made 10 years ago!

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