Max has been an indoor cat all his life. We started our journey together in New York City, where there was no way I was going to let him outside. The mean streets of NYC can be mean and I’m a neurotic momma.

He’s moved with me three times in NYC, a stopover at my parents house, two apartments during grad school, two apartments in Austin, and finally home sweet home.

Once we moved to Austin, we always had a terrace that he could hang out on so he could enjoy the sunlight and fresh air, but once we moved to the house, we had no terrace, just an unfenced patio and a little land.

What was I to do? I’m too worried to see whether he would just wander and come back. So sometimes we go on supervised walks together but he is not one for a leash.

Then I was visiting family and found an awesome play pen for my cousin’s dog. I wanted one! I was ready to go out and buy it immediately but my husband was hemming and hawing. Apparently it was a Christmas gift!

I love this thing and so does Max! He gets to join us outside and be part of the party without us worrying that he will wander off. We put out a blanket and some water so he can sleep and be comfy.

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