Diamond Painting

Whew! Are you bored? Are you tired of puzzles? Are you detail-oriented or obsessive with details? Do you need to keep your hands busy?

I have just the thing for you! It’s called Diamond Painting. I had never heard of it before, but saw it at a Christmas festival a few weeks back. I thought it looked like fun and I enjoy arts and crafts. My husband surprised me with it as a Hanukkah gift and I finally got around to opening it.

The instruction sheet isn’t particularly detailed. I was left scratching my head and ended up watching a video on YouTube. It’s actually quite simple. Use the pink thingy to pick up a piece of wax to get the diamond things to stick enough to put it down on the fly paper(jk). Ok, it’s not fly paper but it’s basically thousands of little symbols showing you what color goes where that is super sticky and should only be lifted enough to place the diamonds down.

It’s…interesting… I think I will enjoy having the picture when it is finished, but this will definitely be a long long term project! My results so far! 😂

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