The Plus Side to Errands

Don’t try this at home

That doesn’t sound right, does it? I know, and I wrote it! Errands are a chore. They get in the way of things you actually want to do.

We tried to skip a week of groceries after Thanksgiving and just live off of leftovers. Somehow, despite all the food in our house, there was nothing to eat. Can you relate? Desperate, we decided to go to the grocery store during an off hour to avoid the crowds. Normally we do curbside pick up. We were too impatient and didn’t think we needed much so we masked up and went in to the store.

It was ok inside for the most part. We bought all our food, brought all the bags to the car, and drove home. As we started to put the food away, we realized we forgot one of the main foods we went to the store for! We’ve all been there.

My husband had to get back to work so I went back to the store by myself. Now at this point I could have been a little huffy, a little annoyed, but instead it was an opportunity.

“Im getting the brand I like!” I yelled gleefully as I jumped in to the car. It was one of those products we fought over which was best and since I was making a second trip, it was dealer’s choice. As I drove to the store, I rolled down the windows and took in the fresh air, the sunlight, and sang out loud to the radio.

It was a great excuse to force myself to get outside, however brief it was, and I actually enjoyed it! What chores do you find enjoyment in?

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