Ah, Sunshine

I realize it’s getting colder and darker around the country, even here in Texas it’s started having it’s cool and rainy days. So how do you appreciate the sun when it’s so cold?

In my house there are two windows in the bedroom that let in daytime sun just above a little two person sofa. Most of the time we keep the curtains drawn so it’s easier when we get ready for bed at night, so sometimes I need to remind myself to open them. The pictures show you what I am rewarded with when I do.

Lovely morning light, warmth, a view of a fountain, greenery, and a heat-seeking cat. When I opened the curtains I could feel the warmth of the sun caress my skin, I blinked slowly. I watched as Max (my cat) enjoyed the moment as well, closing his eyes and slow- blinking at me, a bliss all it’s own. Then he settles down in to a circle and goes to sleep. I look out the window and watch the water sparkle in the sunlight, almost unreal in the speed it glimmers.

I know everyone is stressed about something these days, be it money, holidays, schools, work, etc. Just make sure you take a moment to enjoy the small simple things and find pleasure in them.

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