Food Coma

Is anyone else still in a food coma? This was my first Thanksgiving not flying home to NY to celebrate the holiday. Although it is always nice to be together with loved ones over the holidays, technology has truly been a gift this year. We were able to have a google meeting with both of our immediate families yesterday and my aunt, uncle and cousins today. It wasn’t face to face and there were no hugs, but we were still able to chat and catch up. It was really nice! My husband and I also made sure to get the traditional recipes that our families make, so we still had an awesome time with delicious food. We just had more of it! Leftovers, anyone?

Since I’m a vegetarian, I made a Celebration Roast and my husband smoked a chicken so there wouldn’t be pounds of meat to go bad. Even though I don’t eat Meat, I will admit, it came out very nice looking. I think he was rather proud of his Tabasco brined chicken.

Coming from different parts of the country we decided to start our new tradition with half Southern/Midwestern style food and half Northeastern style ( my husbands from Kentucky and I’m from New York). I think our meals are typical of where we are from, but I couldn’t say for sure. He made mashed potatoes and broccoli casserole ( something I had never eaten before moving to Texas) and I made a sweet potato soufflé (whipped sweet potatoes with maple syrup and marshmallows) and stuffing. And of course pumpkin pie for dessert (again, I’m a northerner, so no sweet potato or pecan pie).

All this is to say that despite not being able to see family and breaking from tradition this year, I still have a lot to be thankful for, including food on my table, family, a roof over my head, and of course, the Native Americans who welcomed us in to their home and provided us with food.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I hope you all had a wonderful one! Today is Native American Heritage day, and we should all remember what the Native Americans have given us in both the past and the present.

The below is from

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“HOW TO OBSERVE #NativeAmericanHeritageDay

To celebrate Native American Heritage Day, try any of the following:

  • Read a story about or by a Native American.
  • Visit one of many Native American museums, heritage centers, or historical sights.
  • Try a delicious Native American recipe.
  • Watch a movie or documentary about or by a Native American.
  • Participate in or watch a game of Lacrosse.
  • Attend one of many seminars, performances, or events honoring Native American culture across the country.

Use #NativeAmericanHeritageDay to post on social media.”

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