A Little Discovery

About half way through the summer we started getting tired of walking around our neighborhood and the same parks all the time. We enjoy getting outside and exercising now that we spend so much time inside the house, but boredom began setting in. So we decided that every weekend we would try to explore a new trail or park. We have made a bunch of new discoveries in the Austin area, but this one excites me because it is only about 5 minutes drive from the house. Who knew there was still so much to discover in my own backyard!

It’s a short walk, but as you can see, very pretty. I love the different colors of the trees and the water right there. We might have found a new place to go kayaking! There was even a bit of excitement when we found a dog park. No, we don’t have a dog but we thought we saw one, until we realized it wasn’t a dog…It was a coyote…A very big coyote. Luckily it was more scared of us than we were of him. He all of a sudden jumped over the dog park fence!! I don’t have any pictures, we were too shocked at the time.

Have you discovered anything new around where you live since the epidemic has started?

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