Ravioli, the way to my Heart

I would have taken pictures of this dish being made, but I wasn’t there when the hard work was put in. I was lucky enough to be the recipient of this excellent meal made by my wonderful husband. While I was out socializing with a friend, he was in the kitchen slaving away over homemade ravioli!

It was delicious, fresh made pasta by hand, using three cheeses and two different sauces. A creamy pesto and a marinara sauce. I am a very lucky girl! Not only was it amazing and homemade, but do you ever notice the food made specifically for you is even better tasting? I am a vegetarian and basically live on carbs, so homemade pasta is definitely the way to my heart!

This amazing man is my husband of 8 months now, so you can understand why I cherish it so much! The thoughtfulness and things that he does just to be kind and generous always warm my heart. On the anniversary of our first date this year he had the idea of ordering from the restaurant that we met at. To be honest, I would have completely forgotten! I am very lucky to have married a romantic 🙂

What is something your partner has done for you that just makes you feel so happy and loved?

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