Weaving with Friends

After I got my art degree in New York, I wasn’t sure what direction to go in. I didn’t want to be a teacher at the time and I didn’t have an interest in pursuing art as a full-time career, so where to go from there? I did some research and discovered a program called Textile/Surface Design. I loved fashion and art, and this combined the two! Textile/Surface Design is the art of creating patterns or designs on fabrics and surfaces such as furniture, clothing, plateware and more. The Fashion Institute of Technology had a one year post-baccalaureate program (an accelerated AAS program for people who already had their Bachelor’s Degrees)so I applied and got in. There I studied about fabrics, patterns, screen-printing, photoshop, CAD (Computer Aid Design) weaving and more. After that year I came away with a better appreciation for all things printed and a bunch of great friends.

Thirteen years later I no longer work in the Fashion Industry or NYC, but I have kept in touch with some of those friends and they even live in the Austin area near me! On Saturday we decided we needed some creativity in our lives so we met at a park and started weaving. We started with the basics and needed to review some websites to jog our memories, but it was so nice to catch up and practice our old skills we learned at school. My friend used a Lap Loom, while my husband had built my loom from a DIY website. It was a beautiful day to sit outside and reminisce about the old days ( and the new ones). We agreed to meet up again soon and work on our weaving.

Do you do anything special to bring some creativity in to your life?

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