Pumpkin Carving

Am I too late to write about pumpkin carving? I know, I know, Halloween was two weeks ago! If you read my post yesterday, you might have figured out my favorite season is Fall. I miss everything Fall related, so I tried to bring back that childhood feeling by carving pumpkins with friends.

Being in Texas, we are very lucky to still be able to enjoy the outdoors, which is truly a life-saver during Covid-19. We look for any excuse to invite friends over to sit outside with us. We actually came upon a pumpkin festival by accident while dropping off some items at the local Humane Society. They had live music and all the pumpkins you could dream of! Large, small, white, orange, green, and more. When we shared that info with our friends, they naturally made the leap to pumpkin carving, so it was a done deal. We bought two pumpkins for carving and two for indoor decoration. The two for indoors had us on a hunt for the coolest pumpkins we could find. My favorite was a green one with warts, which makes me think of a witch! We went traditional for the carving pumpkins. So all in all, it made for a fun excuse to walk around a field, and then set us up for a social occasion.

We did a socially distanced get together in the driveway. We set up blankets on the ground and chatted while we carved our pumpkins. It was great! We ate pumpkin spiced cookies baked by yours truly, drank apple cider and worked on our designs. It was coolish for Texas that day (70’s, brrrrr) so we set up the fire pit and worked away. At one point, I had the brilliant idea to pull out the marshmallows, yum! I grabbed some skewers and we melted them over the fire. It was the perfect end to an awesome afternoon.

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